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I think the real problem is that I have no idea what I want, and rather than face this, I fabricate a ten year plan and disassociate myself from my dreams, longings and wandering mind.

I am afraid of failure, so rather than try to obtain what I’d like, I settle for what is stable, obtainable, and more likely to not leave me.

I haven’t had the courage yet to really accept that I am a dreaming creative soul, consumed in wanderlust and often melancholy introspection.

But this is who I am, and my new ten year plan is to not only accept the thirsty nature of my soul, but to satiate it with adventure, love, independence, and knowledge.

It is time to pick back up the pen, and face the inspiration in this big world rather than fear it. There has never been such an opportune moment for me to reach out in search for something better, and I must.

I must.